1 to 25 milligrams

BEGINNER: a person new to cannabis; a person who has maybe tried cannabis once or twice "in their younger days." This newbie consumer is generally not interested in smoking cannabis; but instead interested in learning more about how the medicinal benefits of cannabis can help them in small controlled doses.




25 to 60 milligrams

INTERMEDIATE: a person who is not a habitual cannabis consumer. These self-proclaimed "Weekend Warriors" are familiar with the medicinal and recreational effects of cannabis. Enjoying cannabis products only on occasion, these consumers may identify as a non-user while in certain social or public settings. Depending on their personal use, intermediates can develop a higher tolerance to cannabis products, allowing for higher milligram dosage consumption.

60 to 100+ milligrams

PROFESSIONAL: a person who uses cannabis daily, medically or recreationally; a "connoisseur" of cannabis. Professional cannabis consumers can be known for being "pot-snobs," enjoying only the best edibles and flower available. These expert users will occasionally try new products but don't be disappointed when they stick to their favorites. They are believers in the benefits of cannabis and often want to share their experiences with other cannabis consumers. Just take caution if you are a beginner when sharing with a professional.