cannabis infused sodas

Available in two different delicious flavors, OR Natural Remedies Cannabis Infused Sodas are offered in both 30 and 60 milligram doses  Perfect for any type of consumer, the natural flavors of vanilla and sarsaparilla accent the slight hint of cannabis in this delicious infused beverage. Light in taste but superior in results, this refreshing beverage is sure to have you and your friends satisfied. This beverage is best served chilled, on ice, as a mixer in your favorite cocktail or as an ice cream float. Minimum Order –24 bottles (one case)

infused arnica cream

Offered in only 100mg, OR Natural Remedies makes an Infused Arnica Cream sure to be a customer favorite. Available in three different scents; Lavender, Rose and Unscented. Infused Arnica Cream is a thick topical rub designed to absorb quickly through the skin for localized pain relief, muscle and joint soreness, and/or inflammation. Because topicals are non-psychoactive, they are often chosen by patients who want the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the “head high” associated with other delivery methods. Minimum Order – 50 units

hard candies

At OR Natural Remedies each one of our hard candies are made from the highest quality ingredients and cannabis. With 100 milligrams offered in a 2 pack and 4  pack option, these single 25mg to 50mg candies deliver the perfect amount of spectacular flavor and mellowing appeal. These hard candies won’t disappoint even the most novice cannabis customers. 4 packs contain 25mg with Apple, Strawberry, Orange & Grape candies. 2 packs contain 50mg Orange and Apple. Minimum Order – 100 units (5/5 packs)


At OR Natural Remedies each one of our 5 mg Gummies are made using the highest quality ingredients and cannabis. A total of 60 milligrams, this 12 piece gummy pack offers individually dosed gummies at 5 milligrams each, delivering the perfect small dose of cannabis, while still offering spectacular flavor and mellowing appeal. Assorted Flavors These little gummies are perfect for a novice consumer. Minimum Order – 100 units

salad dressings

OR Natural Remedies is proud to introduce the first product of its savory product line. For customers looking for something a little different, recommend one of OR Natural Remedies’ delicious infused salad dressings. Available in 3 flavors, these 2 ounce,50 milligram servings can be used for 1 or 2 meals. French, Italian or Balsamic Vinaigrette, these adorable little dressings are the perfect addition to your lunch or dinner. Try them on a salad, use them as a dip or even as a marinade. Minimum Order – 12 units (4/3 flavors)